Canadian Retail Builders: (517 35 Ave NE, Calgary Alberta, Ph: 403-295-0002)

*ACS has been working with Canadian Retail Builders since 2012 completing a variety of commercial renovation contracts on an ongoing basis

 Water Boy Plumbing Ltd.: (67 Berkley Rise NW, Calgary Alberta, Ph: 403-730-0703)

Gordo Ferguson is a family man, businessman and Master Plumber. He started Waterboy Plumbing in 1996 after experiencing a sudden increase in demand for his services based on word of mouth referrals in Calgary’s new home construction market.

*ACS linked up with "Water Boy" Gordo Ferguson in early 2012 to install 2 new patio doors in his home residence. Since then Water Boy Plumbing has been calling on us to complete a variety of carpentry services on various projects.

Metis Urban Housing/Capital Corporation: (Bay 6, 2135 - 32Nd Avenue N., Calgary Alberta, Ph: 403-569-9030)

Métis Urban Housing/Capital Corporation is a Métis Nation of Alberta owned company that was incorporated in 1982 to provide affordable, adequate and appropriate rental housing for low and moderate income Métis (and other Aboriginal) families within the urban centres of Alberta. 

*ACS has been repairing and building fences & decks for properties managed/owned by Metis Urban Housing Corporation & Metis Urban Capital Corporation on an ongoing basis since 2012.